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7 Tips for Writing Winning Industry Award Applications

As award season comes upon us, it is now time to think of how to best prepare an award winning submission. Here we provide some tips on how best to tackle your submission.

ADDRESS THE AWARD SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS – The best way to avoid uncomfortable situations or early disqualification is to simply go over the requirements, address each point directly.

BE A STORYTELLER – Adopt a storyteller’s approach to writing the submission. Start by outlining what your company is all about, its long-term mission, and what your team is passionate about.

INTRODUCE YOUR TEAM – Winning business award submissions should be a team effort, so sit down for a meeting and brainstorm about it. Give your company a human voice through the people that work with you.

FOCUS YOUR WRITING AND AVOID FLUFF – Pay close attention to who the event’s organizer is and what their standards and requirements are before writing.

ELIMINATE NICHE TERMINOLOGY – Make sure to eliminate jargon and slang as well as an everyday language while writing. Use descriptive wording and explanations for any achievements or KPIs you may have attained.

PREPARE ANCILLARY MATERIALS – Statistical data, video presentations, social proof, and similar ancillary materials is always a bonus.

MIND YOUR WORD LIMIT & GRAMMAR – Once you’re done writing the submission, go over the grammar and formatting it could save your business from embarrassment.

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